Are you want to buy simply shrooms in Canada?

  • We have come to the conclusion that by focusing on simply shrooms, we can learn a lot about music, "says John Cage in his book Mycological Advances-Mushroom Variations. Not only experimental composers believed that humble fungi were actually a treasure trove of unexpected revelations. Chefs, skincare professionals, and artists are incorporating the benefits of magic mushrooms into their work.

    Recent studies have shown that fungi are not only a delicious additive to classic ramen and Stroganoff but also a rich source of health benefits. Daily doses are said to keep your immune system strong, keep your joints healthy and balance your blood sugar levels.

    In today's blocked lifestyle, keeping anxiety levels away is paramount, and these fleshy fungi are also thought to reduce stress levels and improve mental clarity.

    Cosmetologists also take advantage of the unique benefits of magic mushrooms. "When I was researching the ingredients to combat stress, I was very excited to discover the various amazing benefits of mushrooms on the skin," said Dr. Dennis Gross, who incorporated four mushrooms into the same skincare line. Says. name. "They neutralize free radicals, reduce inflammation, increase blood circulation, increase hardness and elasticity, have moisturizing properties, and increase the body's amino acid production."

    Similarly, Tata Harper, a pioneer in natural skincare, uses simply shrooms in her own product line. Super-absorbent assign mushrooms can hold 1000 times their weight in water and form a soft film on the skin to keep the barrier intact.

    Other brands, such as Hyperskin, use fungal-derived kojic acid to naturally reduce skin pigmentation. Shiseido uses precious Japanese snow mushrooms in its products to make the skin plump and moist.