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  • This meat breath strain is very powerful due to its high THC content and borrowing much from its parents. Users have a nicely balanced body and head height, ideal for anyone looking for a balanced height. Therefore, it is suitable for evening and night use.

    Users enjoy a relaxed and comfortable full-bodied height that combines the euphoric and uplifting effects of this hybrid strain. The anesthetic effect is remarkable and powerful, and you can get a deep sleep with Couch Lock.

    If you need to feel comfortable in the world around you, this sets the right mood for you. Don't overdo it as it's perfectly correct

    The healing power of the MeatBreath cannabis strain has been tested and proven to help patients with a variety of distress and chronic medical conditions.

    While the deep, relaxed and high effects of this strain are ideal for the treatment of chronic fatigue and insomnia, the high effects of this hybrid strain are ideal for the treatment of mental disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress.

    Patients suffering from nausea and loss of appetite also benefit from the healing properties of this cannabis strain because it induces hunger and appetite. A balanced body and high head effect are current users with healing properties that relieve pain and fatigue.

    Due to the strong taste and smell of this hybrid marijuana, dry mouth is the most common side effect of this strain. Always drink water when you smoke this weed to reduce the effects of cottonmouth.

    Overdose of this strain has been reported to cause convulsive and dizzy effects. Both experienced and new users will be warned of excessive consumption of this cannabis stock. This is because it can have unintended consequences.

    This is a rare marijuana hybrid strain created by crossing an Indica-dominant strain with a Sativa-dominant strain to meet the individual needs of marijuana consumers and is recommended for nighttime use. This resulted in the MeatBreath cannabis strain, a balanced hybrid containing 50% Sativa and Indica. The effects of this tension create an uplifting, energizing, euphoric, balanced physical and mental height.

    It is a medically powerful hybrid strain that helps patients control chronic stress, chronic fatigue and loss of appetite. In addition, this hybrid cannabis strain treats depression, insomnia and loss of appetite.