Shroom Chocolate for Depression? The Pros & Cons

  • This mushroom deficiency seems to be a common phenomenon in the world of mushroom foods. For example, you probably won't find mushrooms in pollen and grace hazelnuts, pralines, or Reishi Super Square unless warned in advance. The various mushroom chocolates I'm testing also taste overwhelmingly mold-free. His Shroom Chocolate tastes a bit like dark chocolate, but chocolate, chestnut glaze, and boletas are just "comfortable nuts." 

    Only the chocolate blend of Cordyceps sinensis and pollen feels very rustic-it's fun to me as a lover of both mushrooms and madness, but I caught them laughing at their faces when they tasted it. Probably not so much fun for my colleagues. After eating mushrooms for a week, the only mushrooms that definitely taste are the slightly traditional oysters and shiitake mushroom chips from Other Foods. The whole mushroom is crispy and is sold as a healthy alternative to potato chips.

    None of these products are cheap. You should be careful. A chocolate bar costs £ 6 to £ 8 for a 100g bar, and even a bag of chips pushes £ 3. Is it worth it? It really depends on how much you believe in health benefits. To me, the mushroom epidemic seems to be the latest in the wellness era. There, in exchange for expensive price tags, increasingly strange-sounding powders and potions are disguised as drinks. It makes sense to save your money to make a flashy risotto.

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