Do shatter pens get you high?

  • Shatter pens are a popular way to get high. There's even an app for it!

    A quick Google search will show you how easy it is just go on there and type in "shatter pen" along with whatever state or country that interests you most--you'll be able see all the different ways people use them, including recipes so this year when your friends come over they can make their own THC-infused alcohol at home without any fancy cooking skills needed whatsoever.


    Do you find yourself asking, "Does vape pen get me high?" when it's time for an afternoon siesta? If so then we've got some good news and bad news. The good news is our team has created a new type of THC concentrate delivery system called “shatter” which can make your favorite marijuana products even more enjoyable! 


    But sadly there are also those who might be worried that these types of pens will give them side effects like anxiety or memory loss because they contain pure organic cannabinoids (OOCs) mixed into polymers such as glues - notaries would know all about OOC stuff right? Well fear no longer; since the introduction.


    Do shatter pens give you a high? Madelaine Lussier, 36 has shared her story about how she was able to quit smoking with the use of cannabis waxes and concentrates. Her advice for other people who are trying to break their addiction: "It's not easy but it can be done!" 

    Ms. Madeline is one example that shows just how powerful these types of drugs really are when they're used correctly by an adult patient in consultation with his/her physician - right down there on The List Of People Who Have Successfully Quit Smoking With Help From Medical Marijuana!


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